July 6, 2015

Today marks the launch of this years Summer Institute, Archive Shadows, hosted by Plug In ICA and led by architects Nat Chard and Perry Kulper. http://plugin.org/summer-institute

The twelve participants - Chantal Auger, Nathan Bishop, Natalie Boterman, Michael Butterworth, Tereas Carlesimo, Dagmara Genda, JNZNBRK, Julie Kusyk, Tony Neustraeder, James Rubio and Janelle Tougas - were asked to construct four "what if" speculations that present the interests and questions they aim to elaborate throughout this 3.5 week workshop.

Following the workshop, an artist talk by Chard and Kulper was held that responded to their works in the exhibition, Unreliable Sightings of..., now on view in the gallery until August 30th. 

The title of Kulper's lecture, Chickens, (scared by) Torpedoes and Other Strange Birds and Chard's,  Torpedoes Scared by Chickens, had as its point of reference Eadweard Muybridge's last series made in Animal Locomotion, Chickens; Scared by a Torpedo (1866). The successional animation of chickens reacting to an explosion provided a metaphor for their talk: addressing how knowledge is accumulated through material considerations, chance happenings and embodied experiences.

They both discussed in-depth their practice and projects that deal with concepts around constructing speculative spaces through relational decisions, tacit knowledge in addition to methods and thematic ways of visualizing thought. 

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