July 6, 2018

Introductions! A Party?!

Hi everyone! You may have noticed from the past few posts that Luther wasn't writing for the blog anymore. This is because Plug In has a couple of new interns this summer and I have specifically been put in charge of updating the blog! I love what Luther has done already and I'm so excited to bring you all of that with my own personality.  I'm here to bring you updates as well as document what's been going on with the Summer Institute.

Photo of me thinking about dim sum and taiwanese breakfast literally 365 days a week.

A bit about me: My name is Natalie Mark and I am an illustration student specializing in publications, comics, and a bit of editorial. I'm a libra sun, sagittarius moon, and virgo rising  (don't ask about the rest of my natal chart, you don't want to see it). I have experience with community/public programming and I'm so excited to be sharing the Summer Institute with you all! I've been able to see the artists working first hand and there's so much to share. It's been so wonderful to see folks in the studio and think about my own practice in comparison.  Coming from a contemporary design practice, I'm learning so much about the ways in which fine art and contemporary art intersect with design. My design and community based practice has translated really well into the space. I'm glad to be here!

Speaking of design...............I designed a poster for a party Plug In ICA is hosting this Saturday, July 7, 2018! We'll be having an open studio with the Summer Institute folks along with a party on the Buhler building's rooftop. If your available on Saturday, this Saturday, you should come say hi and check out some amazing artists this Saturday, if you are available this Sat-
You should definitely show up on Saturday!!

More info: HERE
My website (shameless plug) HERE

Poster design by Natalie Mark.

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