July 26, 2018

Hangouts: Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews in studio.

Last year the Summer Institute blog brought you Bite Sizes - mini interviews with the visiting artists - and I thought I'd bring those back as artist Hangouts. There weren't specific questions, but rather just sitting down and talking about their practices and what they worked on during the Summer Institute.

Chris Andrews

At the Summer Institute, Chris is continuing research on the art market, toxic assets, and care, and how these concepts become entangled. Chris has established a platform lois which is a web-based curatorial platform and network for contemporary artwork, facilitating the sale of work from artists internationally." (from http://loisprojects.info/) Chris is particularly interested in supporting underrepresented artists, and helping to grow their market through this new contemporary art platform. Lois embodies an alternative to the contemporary commercial gallery model, and works to bring care into the art market, through the redistribution of wealth within these systems and the and the acknowledgement of artistic labour. Lois is showing contemporary artwork showing and selling work on the behalf of artists as well as commissioning for new work thus helping grow the contemporary art market. This platform is for professional artists who aren't financially supported in the contemporary market. Lois chooses to be an alternative to traditional gallery systems and is working to transform the way wealth and labour is distributed for contemporary artists with an emphasis on care.

DIS aligned really well with Chris' investigations of contemporary art. The programming centring around alternative streams of living (libertarian futures, crypto currency, etc) mirroring Chris' own intentions of providing an alternate to art galleries for contemporary artists. The seminars focus on existing outside of traditional spheres of working has been great for his research and providing peer to peer learning to help absorb the content provided. For Chris, the seminars made him want to engage and interact with alternative modes of disseminating contemporary art, such as DIS.art. The DIS Summer Institute is a positive and collaborative learning experience for Chris.

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Website: http://chrisandrewsstudio.info/
lois project: http://loisprojects.info/

Thank you for the care, Chris!

Chris Andrews in studio.

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