August 4, 2017

Happenings and events

Walter introducing guest artist Maya Ben David

Wendy Book Club workshops,  card readings, lecture performances, artist talks, below are some photos of events and happenings from the Walter Scott and Niki Little led Summer Institute.

 Maya Ben David gives her performance lecture

 Meet and greets with Maya

 Walter Scott leds Wendy Book Club workshop

 Participants in discussions

Cindy Mochizuki is a multi disciplinary artist and astrologer/tarot reader. One of Scott's characters is loosely based on her. Here she is doing readings with the group over skype.

Tau Lewis - Toronto-based self taught artist giving an artist talk after leading the Wendy Book Club through a scrap sculpture making workshops and doing studio visits. She will be in our Fall Exhibition Entering the Landscape opening September 30th! Really great to have her here to share her work and practice.  

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