June 30, 2017

Summer Institute Session I: Open Studio

So the final day of the Chris Kraus led Summer Institute Session I came to a close yesterday with a night of performance, readings, screenings, and a couple of art objects. Apart from the on-and-off rain showers, it was a pretty great end to the first session. Below are some shots from the night.

 Assemblage by Maegan Hill-Carroll

Video Ad by Ralph Pritchard

 Video and text by Kristina Banera

 It, 1927 (2017) video by Fabiola Carranza

 Screening of Chris Kraus' film 'Gravity and Grace'

Chloe Lum read from her poem 'What do stones smell like?'

 Jasmine Reimer reads from 'Lap-uh-roh-SKOP-ic'

Soyoung Kwon in her lecture performance--'The Retirement House of the Roomba'

Erica Eyres' Video Tutorial

Readings continues indoors after rain showers disrupts initial programming. Maegan Hill-Carroll reads from 'Lucretia: Standing on stones, golden ratio toes.'

 Roewan Crowe reads from 'The Poetics of Here' with light source assistance from Plug In Director Jenifer Papararo

 Kegan McFadden reads an excerpt from 'When There is Nothing'

Esmé Hogeveen reads from her series of untitled fragments--notes for a novella

 Faith Wilson reads 'Butterfly Effect'

Jacquelyn Ross reads from 'The Case for Sentimentality'

 Fabiola Carranza reads from 'Restless Dog Near a Stream'

 Letch Kinloch reads from 'Dr. Dr.' to riotous laughter from the audience especially from Chloë Lum

Ralph Pritchard closes of the readings with his text 'Grotowski, Descenders, Shouldrs'

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