June 21, 2017

Bite Sizes: Jasmine Riemer

Throughout the Summer Institute, we'll be bringing you Bite Sizes which is a sort of episodic mini studio visit where we get to know bits about what the participants are up to and a bit about themselves. OK cool, first up, Toronto sometimes Guelph based artist and educator Jasmine Riemer. Riemer predominantly works through sculpture and has recently been extending this practice through writing. She published a book of poetry--Small Obstructions--that functions as way of thinking through her more physical and three dimensional work. But also the book serves as an intimate log that speaks to the forms she creates, what amalgamates them and the role she plays in potential of the forms.

Over a week into the institute, and after textual rumination, and some writing, Riemer decided to change things up and get rather tangible with some paper mache, glue, pasta, twinkies, and potting soil mix. "I'm making mouths or vaginas depending on how you see them" she describes. Making work that serves as an extension of the body is the overlapping theme among her fellow participants in the institute. Reimer plans on installing the final forms at the roof top of Plug In for the upcoming Open Studio (details TBA). Reimer sees this new inquiry as an "excercise" she contines to describe: "its's a different way of thinking. It's like an offense instead of a defense. Writing seem to take a lot more planning."

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