July 18, 2016

Welcome Wood Land School!

This week marks the beginning of the Wood Land School: Thunderbird Woman, Plug In ICA’s 2016 Summer Institute led by artist Duane Linklater and artist and curator Jaimie Isaac. We are so excited to have the artists and faculty at Plug In ICA!

The faculty and artists of the Wood Land School, including Jamie Black, Lindsey Bond, Stephanie Duran Castillo, Kristin Flattery, Lita Fontaine, Julia Anne Leach, Jillian McDonald, Fallon Simard, Emilie St. Hilaire,  Phoenix Thomas, and Jackie Traverse, were asked to share presentations of their work and artistic practice. 

Jamie Black

Jillian McDonald

Kristin Flattery

Jackie Traverse

Images by Duane Linklater

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